Trainer Tips: How to perform CPR on a child

How to perform CPR on a child

The way you preform CPR varies dependent on if the casualty is an adult, child or infant. Today we look at how to perform CPR on a child (from one year to puberty).

  1. Check for a response
  2. Gently shake the child’s shoulders and ask loudly: ‘Hello, can you hear me?’
  3. If there is no response, shout for help.
  4. Open the child’s airway by placing one hand on their forehead and the fore and middle fingers of your other hand on the child’s chin.
  5. Remove any visible obstructions from the mouth.
  6. Look, listen and feel for signs of breathing for ten seconds.
  7. Give five initial rescue breaths – Tilt the head back again, pinch their nose and lift their chin with the tips of your fore and middle fingers. Take a deep breath and place your lips over the child’s mouth, ensuring a good seal. Blow into the child’s mouth for a second, watch for their chest rising and falling.
  8. Give thirty compressions – Kneel beside the child. Place one hand in the centre of the child’s chest. If the child is large, place your second hand on top of the first and interlock your fingers. Lean over the child and keep your arm straight. Press down on the chest by about a third of its depth. When releasing the pressure between compressions, do not remove your hand from the child’s chest.
    • Complete thirty compressions at a rate of 100 to 120 per minute
  9. After thirty compressions, give two rescue breaths.
  10. Call 999 or 112 (put your mobile on loudspeaker).
  11. Continue the cycle of thirty compressions and two rescue breaths until an ambulance arrives, the child shows signs of becoming responsive or you are too exhausted to continue.

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