The Scottish Business Pledge

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We are happy to announce that we have recently been awarded with a Scottish Business Pledge Accreditation.

Taking part in the pledge means that companies are developing their business to follow alongside the Government’s values in creating a sustainable business growth in Scotland. When a business follows these values it can lead to better employment, a more productive workforce and further company developments.

To become part of the Scottish Business Pledge a company must first of all pay their staff the Living Wage and meet two other pledge elements (see below). A longer term commitment is then to be agreed to complete all of the 9 pledge elements. Once this has been agreed the company will become part of the Scottish Business Pledge.

The Pledges
1) Pay the Living Wage
2) Not use zero hour contracts
3) Support progressive workforce engagement
4) Invest in young people
5) Making progress on diversity and gender balance
6) Committing to an innovation programme
7) Pursuing international business opportunities
8) Playing an active role in the community
9) Committing to prompt payments

“Each pledge contributes towards a forward-thinking business and a stronger Scotland.”*

We are proud to be part of the Scottish Business Pledge. It is a shared ambition of boosting productivity, competitiveness, sustainable employment, and workforce engagement and development. We believe in these values for our workplace and look forward to seeing the changes that these pledges make to Scotland.


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