St Andrew’s First Aid Calls for Millie’s Law Introduction in Scotland

St Andrew’s First Aid welcomes introduction of Millie’s law and calls for it to be introduced to Scotland.

Today the UK government has announced plans to make Paediatric First Aid training compulsory for all newly qualified nursery staff in England and Wales. This is a first step to ensuring all nurseries have adequate First Aid training in place for younger children in their care.

This new guidance follows on from the campaign led by Joanne and Dan Thomson following the tragic death of their daughter Millie who choked whilst at her nursery. Their campaign to change the law last week reached Parliament when Liberal Democrat MP Mark Hunter asked the Prime Minister for his support of the campaign during Parliamentary questions. The campaign led by Joanne and Dan had attracted over 100,000 signatures calling for Millie’s law to be introduced.

St Andrew’s First Aid welcomes this announcement and call on the Scottish Government to introduce similar guidance. At present in Scotland nurseries are required only to have First Aid cover to address accidents or injuries to staff members and not for the children in their care.

Commenting, Jim Dorman Operations Director for St Andrew’s First Aid said “It cannot be acceptable that nurseries in Scotland do not currently have the training required to address life threatening injuries to babies and toddlers. We one hundred percent welcome the introduction of this new guidance in England and Wales and commend the amazing work of Joanne and Dan in achieving this positive legacy for their daughter.”

In 2013 St Andrew’s First Aid presented the Douglas Bremner award to Sharon Cura, a nursery nurse. She used the First Aid training she received from the Busy Bees nursery, whilst caring for her grandchild Beau. Beau choked on his food and immediately became lifeless, whilst Sharons husband was calling 999 Sharon started giving First Aid. Due to their remote location had Sharon not been able to perform First Aid his chance of survival would have been unlikely.

Sharon received her training from St Andrew’s First Aid through the Busy Bee nursery in Fife, unlike many nurseries they go the extra mile in ensuring that the majority of staff have First Aid training for dealing with injuries and life threatening conditions to babies and toddlers.

Commenting on the announcement today Sharon said “I am so grateful to have received the First Training from the nursery, without this training my Grandson might not have survived. I think it is very important that all nurseries across Scotland get this training so we might ensure that no children die because they could not get First Aid.”

Nursery Director Sandra Davidson, who introduced the high standards at her nurseries several years ago after she too found herself using First Aid to save a child commented “I believe all nurseries should have staff trained in Paediatric First Aid, I also believe it would alarm many parents to think that their nursery may not have such training. I would want neither parents, staff or the children in our care to be in a situation where they are dealing with a tragic event and I welcome the news that St Andrew’s First Aid want to see a similar law introduced in Scotland.”

St Andrew’s First Aid have today written to Fiona McLeod MSP the Minister for Children and Young People requesting a change in the law.

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