St Andrew’s First Aid Volunteers Log over 3,000 Hours during Pandemic Response

St Andrew’s First Aid Volunteers Log over 3,000 Hours during Pandemic Response

The pandemic has hit communities hard – find out how our volunteers are helping

Since lockdown was announced in late March, our volunteers are needed more than ever.

In just three months, they’ve logged over 3,000 hours volunteering for local communities, helping those most in need. This amounted to over 6,000 deliveries of essential items and catering to over 10,000 service users.

When Scotland first locked down, our volunteers quickly identified those in their local communities needing assistance with collecting food shopping and prescriptions. Over 100 volunteers stepped up to support their communities, with volunteer hours logged all over Scotland.

From mid-May to mid-August, 33 St Andrew’s First Aid volunteers and staff members assisted the British Red Cross (BRC) with Scotland Cares, the national volunteering plan by the Scottish Government for coronavirus. We supported BRC with volunteers to handle calls and make deliveries, alongside loaning out four of our Mobile First Aid Posts (MFAPS) for deliveries each week throughout Glasgow and the West.

Moreover, we are continuing work with the Scottish Refugee Council (SRC), an independent charity dedicated to supporting people in need of refugee protection, delivering food, prescriptions and aid parcels. These include baby items for new parents, laptops, toys and craft materials for children to assist play and learning, and mobile phones.

Karene Forrester, St Andrew’s First Aid volunteer, said:

“I have volunteered with the SRC throughout lockdown and also worked with the BRC making phone calls to arrange food parcel deliveries, collecting prescriptions and delivering medicines.

“During my time with the SCR I delivered laptop computers, letters, baby clothes and nursery equipment. We made these deliveries mainly to asylum seekers, sometimes the language barrier was difficult but we are always respectful.

“These are completely different duties to what I normally do, for example, first aid cover at football matches and music concerts, and first aid talks and demonstrations. Additionally, I earn my living working as a ward night sister in intensive care and high dependency units.

“As St Andrew’s First Aid volunteers, we are in an extremely privileged position to deal with people at their most vulnerable.

“I love volunteering and hope it won’t be too long until we are back to some kind of normality (I miss the concerts!) but it has been a great opportunity to help the SRC and hopefully we will continue this duty.”

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