St Andrew’s First Aid supplies shop welcomes its 1000th customer

We are delighted to announce that our First Aid Supplies Shop has welcomed its 1,000th customer. It is heart-warming for us to see that more and more people care about first aid as much as we do, and we can only hope that this number will grow over the next years.

We would like to thank all of our customers that have helped us make Scotland a safer place. We also would like to give our special thanks to our 1,000th customer, Moira Hay from the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh.

“Congratulations to Moira for being our 1000th customer on our new first aid new supplies on-line store. It is very pleasing to see that our new website has been so well received by both companies and the public alike. As Scotland’s leading first aid training provider we believe that not only should people have the confidence and skills to deliver first aid, but that it is also vital to have adequate and up-to-date supplies.” says Michelle Ferguson, Managing Director.

We are thrilled to have reached this milestone and decided to express our gratitude by sending Moira a free first aid manual and kit.

“I chose St Andrews First Aid for our training as my sister had been on a course there and I chose them for our top up supplies as I thought they would only sell the correct items.” says Moira, Centre Co-ordinator. “I was very happy to be the 1000th customer; it was the source of much amusement here that it was myself that won something as I rarely buy anything online.”

The Scottish Storytelling Centre is part of the TRACS (Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland) charity, designed to promote the practice and knowledge of Scotland’s traditional arts in our contemporary society. They present a year round programme of events, two Festivals – TradFest and Scottish International Storytelling Festival – as well as exhibitions, family events and workshops year round.

The centre is a vibrant arts venue located on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile; it is fully accessible, so it is vital that staff stay sharp with their First Aid skills to ensure visitors to the home of Scotland’s stories will be in good hands. Like many other organisations, the Centre has had the need for first aid in the past and understands the importance of being prepared.

“The Storytelling Centre is a public building right on the High Street so we get our fair share of folk who trip and fall in the street coming to us for help,” continues Moira. “I personally have never had to do more than clean them up and put a dressing on but it gives you confidence that you would know what to do if the need arises.”

We believe that together we can save lives and thus will continue raising awareness on the importance of first aid and make sure people are ready for emergency situations, providing them with first aid skills and confidence. If you would like to get involved you can start by getting your own first aid manual, kit and other supplies by visiting our shop or book a course on our website.

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