Scottish First Aid Awards 2017 – Where are they now?

Emergency Services Hero of the Year Award – Iain Leggett

On a day when Annan had thousands of people lining the High Street because it was gala day, PC Leggett heard over his radio that a man was having a heart attack at the other end of the street and that the public access defibrillator had been called for.

On seeing his sergeant getting the AED out, he took the AED and sprinted the whole length of Annan High St, described by many onlookers as “like a whippet”.

Arriving at the scene he took over from the people doing CPR, used the AED (which he had never used before) and successfully revived the man whose heart had stopped.

Without the quick thinking and fast actions of PC Leggett, everyone in the town is convinced the man who had taken the heart attack would not be here today.

We recently caught up with Iain to see if he had jumped into action to save a life since – thankfully an ambulance has always been on hand but he seems to have fostered a new interest in first aid within his community.

“I haven’t had to use my first aid skills since the award, as an ambulance has always been present. The awards have increased my awareness of potential situations where even basic first aid can make a life changing difference and I have been able to discuss the importance of defibs being accessible to the public.

“The incident for which I won the award remains my biggest achievement. Seeing the gentleman walking his dog and being with his family on a regular basis.”

Can you think of an individual or group who could follow in Iain’s footsteps as our 2018 Emergency Services Hero of the Year? Nominate them now at

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