Peter Tarbet

In Memory of Peter Tarbet

Today we said goodbye to a wonderful colleague and friend Peter Tarbet. Peter was a commercial Trainer/Assessor within St Andrews First Aid Training and Supplies Ltd and in his time here he managed to bring a smile to everyone’s face who crossed his path: from his expert storytelling – to his ability to make a small snack last 45 minutes.

He was known for his love of Star Wars and Celtic football club but most of all his wonderful partner Sarah and his son Dylan. Peter may the force be with you, you’ll never walk alone.

Peter spoke about his experience as a first aid trainer and his overall career last August as part of the organisation’s ‘Meet the Trainer’ social media campaign. Please see his story below:

“My interest in First Aid first came to light from an early age as I was very accident prone as a child. Between the ages of 6-16 I had a total of 19 broken bones from around the body. I felt at the time, if I’m going to get hurt regularly then I should be able to fix myself too.
My first “real” job was within my local sports centre where I had to deal with various minor injuries and incidents. My manager at the time saw potential in me and asked if I wanted to assist with the running of “Rookie Lifeguards” classes, kick-starting my journey as a trainer/assessor.
Throughout the years I built up my training and assessor qualification portfolio, first with a National Pool Lifeguard qualification and then a First Aid qualification. Beside my training qualifications, I’ve had excessive experience with sports team injuries and coaching – including training two of the Scottish 2014 swim team earlier in their careers. I have been working with St Andrew’s First Aid Training and Supplies Ltd for just over a year and I am loving the job, especially my colleagues who have been extremely supportive.
I feel that everyone can benefit from learning even the basics in First Aid, and I feel that my job allows me to harness my past experiences in order to inspire others to learn these life-saving skills.”


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