Meet the Trainer

In this Meet the Trainer post we heard from Ian Ridland, from our Edinburgh centre, about how he became involved with first aid.

“I started training when I was 21; at that time we called it “Lay Lecturer” and it was heavily focused on Flip Charts and lecturing, though practical training was very important – the recovery position was a bit a different then! Jump forward to now and we have PowerPoint and laptops as well as being able to show DVD clips and real pictures of injuries! However, as a full time trainer we are training a variety of people from all sorts of backgrounds and many different abilities. In most cases by the end of a course we have them all trained up and ready to deal with any type of injury they may come across at their work, though on refresher courses in most cases they tell us they have only had to apply plasters. However they do say that they feel a lot more confident in dealing with possible incidents at their work – or in the street – because it is a First Aid qualification, and they are equipped to help anyone in distress.

As trainers we do meet a variety of people with a variety of skills and needs and have to adapt to this, but we work as a team in the areas we work in and everybody supports each other. It’s a challenging job, but very rewarding.”

Meet the Trainer - Ian Ridland - First Aid Trainer

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