New First Aid Courses could help you to learn how to save a life.

Learn how to save a life online, it could be the best way you spend your free time.

Half of Scottish adults have never had any first aid training and wouldn’t know how to help friends or family in an emergency. Learning first aid doesn’t have to be time consuming you can learn how to save a life online.

Scotland’s leading third sector provider of first aid training has now found a way to boost the number of Scots with first aid skills and the confidence to save a life.

St Andrews First Aid Training & Supplies Ltd has created an e-learning platform to teach people first aid skills in the comfort of their own home.

We believe that our new courses will dramatically improve the number of Scottish adults with first aid skills – Michelle Ferguson*

The courses include baby and child life-saving skills,adult life-saving skills, basic life support in hospital and Paediatric basic life support in hospital. All courses are designed for members of the public or staff in workplaces.


For more information check out the article about our new products from Third Force News.


Learn how to save a life online

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