Have fun but take care and be prepared for Bonfire Night

If attending a local bonfire night or fireworks display this year then Scotland’s only dedicated First Aid charity, St Andrew’s First Aid, is urging you to have fun, be prepared but take care.

St Andrew’s First Aid volunteers will be covering many local Guy Fawkes’ Night events throughout Scotland such as the fireworks display taking place at Glasgow Green and will be there to assist in the event of an emergency. However, the charity is still advising that it is really important to have some awareness of what to do should an accident occur.

Training Manager, Stewart Simpson gives his advice on how to be prepared in the lead up to Bonfire Night: “The most important piece of advice that we give as a charity is that if you are organising a firework display – however small – ensure you have a fully stocked first aid kit and that you have a large bucket of sand near the launch site of the fireworks. You just never know when an accident may happen!

“If someone does suffer burns, the affected area should be held under cool running water for at least ten minutes. Do not use ice or iced water as this not only causes more damage to the skin but also restricts blood flow, stopping the natural healing process, as well as leading to overcooling which can cause hypothermia.

“Burns should also not be treated with creams, lotions or ointments and any blisters which form should not be burst, as this can introduce infection into the area. Once a burn has been cooled and if it is free of debris, it should be covered with a sterile non-fluffy dressing, cling film or a clean plastic bag, before being treated by a medical professional. “Medical attention should be received if the burn is larger than the size of the casualty’s hand and all deep burns require urgent hospital treatment.”

By being prepared for the dangers associated with Bonfire Night, you can provide good First Aid promptly which can make the difference between life and death. For more information on Burns and Scalds and to download a free leaflet in the lead up to Bonfire Night click here.

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