For both Halloween and Bonfire Night St Andrew’s First Aid advises that knowing First Aid skills can save lives

With both Halloween and Bonfire Night fast approaching, St Andrew’s First Aid is giving advice on how to treat some common injuries that can happen around this time of year.
Jim Dorman, Training Manager at St Andrew’s First Aid said: “The most important piece of advice that I can give is to ensure you have a fully stocked first aid kit. You just never know when an accident may happen!  Every year we hear about trips, slips or falls that occur at Halloween or injuries sustained during Bonfire Night and in many cases these can be easily be treated when you know a little bit of first aid.

By following our advice and keeping a well stocked first aid kit to hand, families can enjoy both Halloween and the fireworks knowing they are prepared, should an emergency arise.”

“In the lead up to both Halloween and Bonfire Night we are highlighting treatments for minor incidents.  Around 34,000 Scots are admitted to hospital each year as a result of burns, falls and choking; common accidents that require emergency attention, yet recent research shows 77 percent of people lack the knowledge and confidence to administer even basic first aid, and go straight for 999. Just knowing basic first aid skills can help save a life so my final piece of advice is that when you can – attend a first aid training course.”

To help you prepare for both Halloween and Bonfire night we have some downloadable First Aid Cards.  Print them off and keep safe with your Halloween or Bonfire First Aid Kit which can be bought on our online shop for only £2.50+vat (with FREE SHIPPING!).

To keep some families in Scotland safe this Halloween, we are giving away 20 Halloween First Aid Kits. Unfortunately all kits are now gone.  If you would like to purchase a kit for only £2.50+vat (with FREE SHIPPING!) click here.

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