Glasgow high school students funding their own First Aid Training

Eastwood High School

Recently, the senior students at Eastwood High School in Glasgow took extracurricular education into their own hands by independently raising funds to support the cost of First Aid courses with St Andrew’s First Aid Training and Supplies Ltd.
As a social enterprise we are delighted to see such initiative in the young adults of the Glasgow community. This month, our Sales Manager, Grant Mackintosh, visited Eastwood High School to administer First Aid certificates to the hardworking students. We not only applaud their efforts in securing the finances to cover training costs, but their recognition of First Aid as a valuable life skill. A shining example of entrepreneurial spirit, Eastwood High School’s senior students can now feel confident in their ability to save lives in their local community and future workplaces.
In regards to the student’s initiative, Eastwood High School has released the following press release:

At Eastwood High School we constantly strive to promote leadership opportunities for our young people. With this in mind, Alexander Boyanov, a driven and forward thinking S6 pupil, approached the school with the suggestion of undertaking a first aid qualification with some of his peers. Alexander’s initial pitch to the Senior Leadership Team was very impressive, incorporating motives such as “taking care of elders” as he enthused about “wishing to bring something positive back to the school”. Our Head Teacher Stuart Maxwell agreed to support the fundraising of the group and to match the amount raised. Alexander and several of his senior phase associates took the lead in organising campaign meetings, planning sessions and events with the ultimate goal of raising over £600, half the amount needed to offer intensive training to the group. With the organisational help of Erin Catterson (also S6) the two set about arranging bake sales, staff versus pupils dodge ball matches with a door entry charge, a school quiz and the ultimate event – a party organised through some S4 participants which saw the group sail past their fundraising target! With finances secured, the task was to invite St. Andrew’s First Aid in to the school on Wednesday 9th March. The training session was “intensive but enjoyable” and resulted in twenty-five S4-S6 pupils from Eastwood High qualifying in Emergency First Aid with St. Andrew’s. All young people have reported a new found confidence in their abilities to support others in the event of an emergency and an immense sense of pride, rightly so, in their achievements. Here at Eastwood we are hopeful that this legacy will be continued with future senior year groups and look forward to working with our young people to continue to achieve success.”
Pauline Rorison,
Deputy Head Teacher,
Eastwood High School

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