Dundee’s Desperate Dan Dons Uniform to support First Aid Training

Desperate Dan, the iconic character from Dundee comic The Dandy, donned a St Andrew’s First Aid uniform to show support for First Aid training in Dundee and Tayside. We kitted out the statue of Desperate Dan, in Dundee city centre, to mark the expansion of their business training activities in the area.

Gaynor Stevenson is the local training manager for the commercial division and is responsible for promoting first aid training and equipment to businesses in the Dundee and Tayside area. She is working to encourage businesses in the area to become First Aid aware through local training courses.  All profits from the training will support the wider aims of St Andrew’s First Aid which is to increase Scotland’s First Aid skills and save lives.

Stewart Simpson, training manager for St Andrew’s First Aid said: “We are looking forward to helping more businesses, big and small, become first aid aware.  We believe companies should view First Aid training as part of their commitment to corporate social responsibility and community resilience. After all, what can be more socially responsible than helping to save a life?”

There were 9,551 reported injuries to employees in Scotland last year and 1.7 million working days were lost due to work related injury and ill-health. Twenty workers were fatally injured at work but this figure does not include deaths of people who became ill at work and could have been saved by first aid intervention.

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