Don’t let DIY stand for Do Injury to Yourself this May holiday weekend

With the winter nights a distant memory and the summer sun just weeks away, many Scots will be dabbling in a little DIY around the home to get it out of the way in anticipation of the good weather ahead.

If you’re going to be decorating your home make sure you read our four top tips from Training Manager at St Andrew’s First Aid Training & Supplies Ltd., Stewart Simpson, to help you prepare:

If you need to work at height, don’t just rely on a wobbly chair; make sure you have everything you need to work as safely as possible. If it doesn’t seem safe it probably isn’t – don’t risk injury or even your life to save a bit of cash. Know your own limits and when it’s best to call in the experts.

Keep all sharp items such as chisels, saws and scissors out of the way of children. To you it’s obvious that they’re dangerous and not to be played with, but to a child the bright colours are exciting and they look like the ideal toy.

If you’re painting, keep the room well ventilated – paint can be a dangerous chemical if not handled correctly and with care.

Keep a First Aid Kit close to hand – and if possible someone with First Aid training. The target response time for the Scottish Ambulance Service is 8 minutes – some common household emergencies can prove fatal in just 4.

No one thinks that they’ll injure themselves while undertaking minor repairs, but DIY incidents are more common than you might think. Injuries can range from the trivial such as grazes to the fatal, such as falls and large cuts. If you or someone you love sustains an injury, having someone on hand with First Aid knowledge offers them the best chance of quick and effective support.

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