Congratulations Winners! 2019 Scottish First Aid Awards

On Friday 15 November, 2019 we celebrated the 8th anniversary of our industry’s night of nights in Glasgow with 410 of our community’s finest. Since the inception of the Scottish First Aid Awards the event has brought our first aid and emergency services community together to celebrate our achievements and recognise our central role at the heart of the Scottish community.

Thank you to all the volunteers who supported this program through your nominations, attendance and fundraising. This annual gala event and awards night is Scotland’s premier first aid awards, and being named and finalist or winner is a great achievement and one that you should be proud of.

On behalf of St Andrew’s First Aid, congratulations to each of 2019’s deserving winners. You can see all the photos from the night on our Facebook page.


Young First Aid Hero

Sponsored by Scotmid Co-operative

Beth Logan

17 year old Beth Logan from Dollar Academy Combined Cadet Force was nominated after providing first aid to a man she saw lying on the side of the motorway. Having been learning first aid with her Cadet group since she was 12, Beth quickly realised the man was in great pain with a suspected fractured hip and going into shock. Beth helped direct the adult bystanders who were also assisting, organised blankets to keep him warm, made the area safe and reassured the casualty until emergency services arrived. Throughout she was calming and re-assuring.


The Amy Allan Young Volunteer Award

Sponsored by Scotmid Co-operative

Courtney Simpson

Courtney Simpson, Monktonhall Colliery Company
Courtney is 17 and she joined St Andrew’s Thistles group when she was just 4-years-old! On top of juggling high school and a part time job, Courtney dedicates endless hours to developing St Andrew’s First Aid youth group. Each week, she teaches other young children between the ages of 5 and 12 life-saving skills, within a small deprived area and helps them to grow their skills and confidence. Courtney is a true ambassador for first aid in her community.


St Andrew’s First Aid Volunteer of the Year

Sponsored by Wesser

Margaret Callaghan, Queen Street Company

Margaret has been volunteering with St Andrew’s First Aid for over 27 years, and is Queen Street’s most experienced member. As the Company’s Thistle Leader she coordinates weekly meetings for the kids, is an active Event First Aider, and is at the forefront of community activities – providing adult and child first aid talks & demos to local community groups and schools.

Highly Commended: Jacine Clark

Assistant Commandant and Thistle Leader; Event First Aider; Community Volunteer; and frequent St Andrew’s First Aid MODEL! there really isn’t many roles Jacine isn’t doing. She is an inspirational volunteer, regularly going-above-and-beyond for the charity, and has been known to travel across the country volunteering at 5 different workshops, festival and events in the one weekend.


Community First Aid Champion

Sponsored by Coronet Services

Alfie Thomson, P6 Crossgates Primary School

Alfie wants to be a Paramedic and he has already shown the makings of being a fantastic one! He has attended training in junior First Aid and CPR, learned skills through YouTube tutorials and is also a junior lifeguard. This year he has shared his skills and has trained over 100 of his P5-7 school friends in CPR meaning they can help others in emergency situations.


St Andrew’s First Aid Corps Company of the Year

Sponsored by St Andrew’s First Aid

Strathkelvin Company

Strathkelvin Company is a very active company with several volunteers covering a large variety of duties on a weekly basis in various roles including First Aiders, Cycle Patrollers, Communications Officers and Duty Officers. These events range from football and concerts to local gala days and community talks. Over the past year, through company volunteers, we have forged an excellent relationship with the Children and Families Health Visiting Teams at both Easterhouse and Shettleston Health Centre and are regularly asked to attend their first-time parent’s groups to deliver first aid sessions.


Small Organisation of the Year for First Aid Excellence

Sponsored by St Andrew’s First Aid

Street Assist Edinburgh

Founded in 2016 Street Assist Volunteers operate from 10pm – 4am every Saturday night providing a welfare and first aid service to vulnerable people. They support the emergency services and aim to reduce the number of people presenting at A&E. They provide support to people who have over consumed drink and drugs, those suffering from mental health issues, victims of assault and domestic abuse. Since January 2017 they have assisted 2,500 people – amazing!


Large Organisation of the Year for First Aid Excellence

Sponsored by Pinnacle

Quiz Clothing

Not only do Quiz Clothing have to take care of their staff, they have the added challenge of making sure that customers are safe also. 7 million customers come through their doors. They have recently carried out Risk Assessments and introduced stronger controls; each floor of offices and distribution centres have First Aid supplies with 2 defibrillators recently added. They have also invested in a learning module system which went live in August. Staff are also trained in risk assessment for their own stores.


First Class Award

Mearns Primary School, East Renfrewshire

Mearns Primary has developed and implemented a progressive first aid teaching course which is delivered from nursery through to P7. Approximately 9 hours per pupil each year is delivered by a mix of class teachers, parents and community partnerships. They are fully committed to supporting first aid learning in school. More recently 2 members of staff will complete training in Mental Health.


First Aid Hero

Sponsored by Stryker

George Duff, Glasgow City Council

Whilst working in the city centre, George was alerted to a concern about a man standing on the parapet of South Portland Street Suspension Bridge. George spent 25 minutes talking to the man who repeatedly said he didn’t want to be here. George used his mental health training through SafeTalk and managed to persuade the gentleman to climb back over the bridge. Glasgow City Council are proud to know that their staff will go to these lengths to help a stranger.


Emergency Services Hero

Sponsored by St Andrew’s First Aid

Police Constable Andrew Cannon

An eighteen year old boy who was believed to be taking psychoactive substances was found standing in the Gryfe River in an area not easily accessible on foot. Constable Cannon decided to go into the River, take hold of the young man and remove him from the river. He was then given first aid treatment by Andrew before the paramedics arrived, all the while continuing to engage and reassure him. The family have expressed their heartfelt gratitude for his response.


The Douglas Bremner Special Commendation Award

Presented by Susan Redpath

Kathleen Orr, Jayden’s Rainbow

The Douglas Bremner Special Commendation award recognises people who have carried out an outstanding achievement in first aid.


The Chairman’s Award

Presented by Rudy Crawford, St Andrew’s First Aid Chairman

Graeme Walker

The recipient of this award makes a massive contribution to both first aid in Glasgow and how St Andrew’s First Aid manages large scale events throughout Scotland. This year he has devoted 300 hours of duty to the charity and on top of working for Scottish Ambulance Service he serves as a Commandant; most recently taking on the role of leadership in radio communications and delivering a new course to radio users wishing to be deployed as controllers.

His dedication to facilitating more people learning how to deal with emergency situations makes him an outstanding volunteer at St Andrew’s First Aid and a worthy winner of this year’s chairman’s award.



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