2019 Fundraising Appeal

How your support helps kids like 4-year-old Kester

In a crisis it is vital that first aid is delivered with confidence

Our charity relies heavily on the generosity of trusts, volunteers, supporters and the general public to raise essential money to fund our vital community work in Scotland.

First aid emergencies can happen at any time – with your support St Andrew’s First Aid can continue to teach people how to be First Aiders.

2019 Fundraising Appeal – Kester’s First Aid Emergency

Kester is a happy little boy, who like any other 4-year-old child is extremely active and has boundless energy. One particular day in early 2019 started out like any other day for Kester and his family. His mum Clare, got Kester and his brother out of bed, dressed, and fed and then they and went to watch their Daddy compete in a local taekwondo competition.

They were all having a great day, it was a family affair as they were joined by Kester’s Auntie and cousin who were also along to cheer on. As the day went on and after watching a lot of the different events, the boys grew restless. Mum (Clare) thought whilst they were waiting on the next event, she would let the kid’s burn off some steam, so Kester, his brother and cousin – the three amigos – joined the rest of the kids playing behind the seating area.

It was only a few moments later when Clare heard screaming and crying come from behind her.

Her older son Eric came running over to her to tell her that Kester had it his head on a bar and was bleeding a lot.

Her heart sank in that moment, picturing her child in pain!

She ran straight over to Kester and found him with a face covered in blood. Clare picked him up and ran him over to get help from our on-duty First Aiders at the event.

As a parent you always think the worst, but thankfully Clare was supported by two of our experienced First Aid volunteers Gemma and Audrey.

Whilst checking over Kester and keeping Mum calm Gemma and Audrey found a deep wound on his head and recommended he needed to go to the hospital. Our amazing volunteer First Aiders cleaned and bandaged the wound to stop it bleeding until Kester was ale to get to the hospital.

After a quick dash to the hospital to be treated, Kester had his wound glued and was then quickly discharged where he and Mum returned to the centre to thank our First Aiders Gemma and Audrey for their amazing response and kindness, for what could have been a traumatising experience had they not been there.

Your support means the world to us and the communities (like yours) that we teach

Some children are not as lucky as Kester to have trained First Aiders so close by.  St Andrew’s First Aid teaches almost 30,000 Scots vital first aid skills each year so that if their child, parent or loved one is involved in a first aid emergency, they have the confidence to help.

We are Scotland’s leading first aid charity and we believe no one should suffer or die because they needed first aid but didn’t get it. We are on a mission to Create a Nation of Life-savers.

As a charity we continuously rely on the support from people like you that allows us to continue the life-saving work we do on a daily basis. You are the reason that our amazing volunteers can be visiting communities across Scotland holding basic first aid talks, workshops and demonstrations.

Will you help us Create a Nation of Life-savers?

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