St Andrews First Aid In Your Community

St Andrew’s First Aid aim to teach everyone in Scotland First Aid skill and below are some of the way we are beginning our journey to get more first aiders into the community, both local and abroad.

cpr champion

I’m a CPR Champion, Get Me Out There!

The Scottish government’s Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Strategy is a 5-year plan with the aim of ensuring that by 2020 Scotland becomes an international leader in cardiac arrest outcomes. The government’s overall aim is to save 1,000 lives by then; the strategy also aims to equip 500,000 people with CPR skills, increasing the amount of bystanders able to help in an emergency and therefore increasing the amount of survivors.

St Andrew’s First Aid has challenged itself to demonstrate CPR to 2,000 Scots over 2016/17 in order to help Scotland become a more resilient country. Our volunteers will be working across Scotland to provide free first aid demonstrations to help us create a nation of lifesavers.

Every penny donated to St Andrew’s First Aid helps us to teach more people across Scotland vital first aid skills through our community outreach work.


BandAge Schools Project


In 2015, St Andrew’s First Aid launched BandAge, a school based project which delivers first aid training and peer facilitation programme to school pupils in deprived and disadvantaged areas of Scotland. The project provides participants with a formal first aid qualification which lasts for 3 years and selected pupils can go on to take part in our peer facilitation workshops.

The peer facilitation workshops equip participants with key life and employability skills and is especially advantageous to those pupils who will not follow traditional educational routes. Participants are equipped with the skills and confidence to cascade the skills they have learnt to other peer groups and the workshops also reinforce the core ACE (A Curriculum for Excellence) capacities: Confident Individual, Successful Learner, Responsible Citizen and Effective Contributor.

Since the launch in 2015, we have continued to work in four schools in the Glasgow area and so far have trained over 600 pupils in first aid and created 36 peer facilitators.  We have also trained teachers within each school so they can support pupils once they have completed the project.

In November 2015, graduates of BandAge15 took part in a CPR Awareness day where they taught over 50 younger pupils this lifesaving skill. The event was filmed by STV Glasgow and was a fantastic example of interdisciplinary work and showed just how easy it is to learn a skill which could potentially save someone’s life.

Peer facilitators from Springburn Academy designed and led first aid sessions for younger pupils as part of the school’s Health Day in March 2016. Over 150 pupil’s were taught vital skills such as CPR, the recovery position and how to treat shock and bleeding.

During Scottish First Aid Week 2016, peer facilitators from Cleveden Secondary School taught P6 pupils from Caldercuilt Primary, Cadder Primary, Dunard Primary and Highpark Primary vital first aid skills such as CPR, recovery position and how to help someone suffering from shock. Our peer facilitators taught over 100 primary school pupils first aid skills, helping us on our mission to create a nation of lifesavers.

The BandAge project also tackles difficult subjects such as gang violence and knife crime with the hope that if pupils understand the devastating consequences knife wounds can have, they will avoid being part of that culture.  The skills pupils learn from BandAge give them the tools to follow a positive path, both socially and economically, and leave a lasting impact within their school and wider community.

Projects like BandAge are fundamental in changing Scottish attitudes towards learning first aid, however we can only continue them through charitable donations.

This project is continuing to grow in 2017.


Saving Lives At Home And Abroad


Since 2014, St Andrew’s First Aid has worked in partnership with the charity First Aid Africa to help teach communities in sub-Saharan Africa an adapted version of the first aid syllabus. Volunteers from St Andrew’s First Aid travelled to Western Kenya to help make communities, where a hospital could be hours away, safer and more resilient. Often, these are the places most likely to need access to emergency care, due to road traffic accidents, agricultural injuries or burns.

Principal Officer from First Aid Africa, Sam Abrahams says, “Scotland is home to some of the best First Aiders in the world. We are delighted to work with colleagues from St Andrew’s First Aid. Volunteers across Scotland believe that access to lifesaving education should be increased in Scotland and across the world. The partnership between First Aid Africa and St Andrew’s First Aid is another important step towards that goal.”