Young First Aid Hero of the Year Award

Skye Nelson, Kilwinning: 8 years old

It was just another rainy day for Nelsons, with Mum pottering around upstairs doing housework and Dad preparing some lunch for the family in the kitchen.

The youngest daughter Payton was in her travel cot watching cartoons in the living room with her big sister Skye. Suddenly a choking sound came from the living room, followed by a scream from Skye that her baby sister’s lips were going blue and she was choking on a bit of chocolate.

Before either parent could reach the girls Skye had already grabbed her sister out the travel cot, leaned her over and started back slaps. A few back slaps later and her sister was sick, dislodging the chocolate.

Skye’s quick thinking and instinctive actions saved her little sister’s life.

Eilidh and Harry Newton, Dunbar: 16 and 14 years old.

In April 2014, when the family were at home, their father Gregor suddenly collapsed. Harry who was 11 at the time found him, he was lifeless and not breathing.

He shouted for help and his sister Eilidh who was 13, picked up her mobile and for the first time ever, dialled 999 to contact the ambulance service whilst their mum started CPR.

Knowing they needed help urgently they both left the house and ran to the local hotel to seek help there. They gave information and took instruction from the call handler and together, they helped save their father’s life.

Despite their young age at the time of the incident, in the couple of years that have passed they have quietly supported their parents in raising money for their local first responder group and for the purchase of public access defibrillators.

This year, Save a Life for Scotland invited them to join their campaign with Young Scot, a campaign designed to help young people living in Scotland learn about CPR and also to feel enabled to help someone in cardiac arrest.

Ryan McCormick, Maryhill, Glasgow: 14 years old

Ryan witnessed an incident at school when a pupil was choked and then thrown to the ground, punched in the head several times and then kicked in the head several times.

Ryan and several other pupils restrained the person punching and kicking and removed him from the immediate incident. Ryan then asked the nearest classroom teacher to inform the Head of Department. He then checked the casualty’s response and found him to be lying face up and unconscious.

He then checked the casualty’s airway by opening the mouth and looking for any obstruction. The airway was found to be clear and he then confirmed the casualty was breathing by performing First Aid drills as taught, ear to mouth & observing chest.

Once breathing was confirmed he then placed the casualty into the recovery position and monitored until the ambulance arrived. Ryan monitored the casualty throughout, whilst several School Teachers supported his actions.

Since the incident occurred his school has implemented First Aid training for responsible pupils.