First Aid Talks/Demonstration Request Form

Please use this form to request volunteer First Aider’s to deliver a first aid talk/demonstration to community groups. We make every attempt to accept every talk/demonstration however there are some that we cannot complete due to facilitator availability.

Our department is very busy during this time and may not always be in the office. Some first aid talks/demonstrations can take time to arrange and providing all the necessary details in the form will allow us to reply to you sooner. If you have not heard anything back within 4 weeks please resubmit your details.

St Andrew’s First Aid is Scotland’s only dedicated first aid charity.

Our mission, is ‘to provide everyone in Scotland with the highest standard of first aid skills, services and volunteering opportunities’, we are a membership based charity and rely on our volunteers to help us realise our mission. We are delighted to deliver first aid talks and demonstrations in order to share the skills needed to save a life.

We receive no government funding and are reliant on generous donations from organisations, trusts and the public. To allow us to continue our vital work, we would like to ask you to donate to St Andrew’s First Aid and help us to ensure a life is saved rather than lost.

We believe it is vital that the people of Scotland have the right skills and knowledge to provide prompt and appropriate first aid to anyone suffering from an injury or sudden illness, and this is why we work hard to raise awareness on the importance of first aid training. We also want to continue to provide our dedicated volunteers with opportunities to utilise their first aid skills through regular training and public services.

Thank You.

Together we can save lives.

Making a Donation – There are 3 ways to donate
Send a cheque, made payable to St Andrew’s First Aid to Finance Department, St Andrew’s First Aid, 48 Milton Street, Glasgow G4 0HR, pay by BACS transfer to Royal Bank of Scotland account number 10850684 Sort Code 830706 or simply click on the Donate button above and follow the process.