Trainer Tips: Recovery Position

This month our trainer shows you how to do the recovery position.

Follow the below steps or watch the video to learn how to put a casualty into the recovery position.

  1. Kneel beside the casualty
  2. Remove the casualty’s glasses and any bulky objects from their pockets if it is safe to do so.
  3. Make sure both of the casualty’s legs are straight
  4. Place the arm that is nearest to you away from the casualty’s body, making sure the elbow is bent and palm facing up
  5. Bring the arm that is farthest from you across the casualty’s chest and hold the back of the hand against the cheek closest to you
  6. With your other hand, grasp the far away leg at the knee
  7. Pull the casualty’s leg up until the foot is flat on the ground
  8. Whilst keeping the casualty’s hand pressed against their cheek, pull the far away leg and roll the casualty towards you onto their side
  9. Tilt the head back by the chin, to ensure the airway remains open
  10. Adjust the upper leg until at a right angle
  11. Monitor and record the casualty’s vital signs (breathing, pulse and level of response) and if necessary, after thirty minutes repeat this process and roll them onto the opposite side

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