Meet the Trainer – Vince

This month we would like to share the experiences of our trainer Vince and why he became interested in first aid.

“I have been involved with First Aid for over 30 years. It goes back to when my father was a first aider at work and he used to use us as his dummies for practising his bandages.

I left school and joined HM Royal Air Force where our annual training involved first aid training. Being a chef in the R.A.F meant dealing a lot with burns, cuts and the odd amputation. Later when I left as a regular, I joined the Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment as a gunner and kept my first aid skills up to date dealing with all kinds of injuries.

Before joining St Andrews First Aid, I was a trainer in the Care sector for 15+ years delivering a wide variety of courses to staff, including First Aid, and supporting staff who became ill or injured at work or whilst supporting Service Users who were out and about getting on with their daily life.

I have always been glad that I have learned First Aid as I have been able to not only assist strangers, colleagues and Service Users but importantly to me, my family. Supporting with conditions such as heart attacks, angina and epilepsy.

My aim is to support new and existing first aiders with knowledge and skills to enable them to be able to help anyone who requires their help and pass on any little tips that I’ve learned along the way.”

Vince Mullen,
St Andrew’s First Aid Training and Supplies Ltd.

First Aid Trainer


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