Blended Learning

The demands made upon employers and employees in today’s working environments to be more efficient and target focused, means that time is of the essence and every minute must be productive. To ensure employee skills are optimised, responsible employers should always consider staff development but many are reluctant to do so because it means valuable time away from the workplace.


First aid training is a statutory requirement which employers must adhere to and requires them to commit to sending an employee from between one to up to four days training over a three year period. With this in mind and in an effort to lessen the burden on both employers and employees having to spend so much time away from work for training, St Andrew’s First Aid Training and Supplies Ltd have developed E-Learning modules in basic life support techniques to allow for some of the training which was traditionally delivered face-to-face to be covered by the student by means of E-Learning.


In June 2016, the HSE announced that they would accept blended learning as an accepted means by which workplace first aid training can be delivered. St Andrew’s First Aid Training and Supplies Ltd will be introducing a complete blended learning package for its First Aid at Work, Emergency First Aid at Work, Annual Update and Paediatric First Aid courses in the near future. At the moment however, anyone can enrol on the following online courses* in order to develop their first aid knowledge independently:

  • Baby and Child Life Saving Skills
  • Adult Life Saving Skills
  • Paediatric Life Support in Hospitals
  • Basic Life Support in Hospitals


St Andrew's First Aid ELearning - Blended Learning

So what is blended learning?

Blended learning involves training that combines online digital media (e-learning) with traditional classroom teaching methods requiring the physical presence of both a trainer and student, with an element of student control over time, place, path, or pace.


Will blended learning change how first aid courses are delivered and assessed?

The general rule will be that students who undertake a blended learning first aid course will complete no more than a third of this online, learning the theoretical aspects of first aid and the practical skills for the course will be delivered and assessed face-to-face with a St Andrew’s First Aid and Supplies Ltd Trainer.


Anyone requiring any more information regarding our e-learning courses should contact our sales team on 0300 4 666 999 or


*Please note that the E-Learning courses currently available will not provide you with a formal first aid qualification, however they will provide you with first response first aid knowledge and the skills to save a life in an emergency situation.

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