Our reputation for quality is important

We aim to deliver excellence in all of our activities for our customers, volunteers and other stakeholders, and to play our part in making St Andrew’s First Aid an outstanding organisation. To remain relevant today, we must be ready for tomorrow.

  • We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do, and are committed to selling and delivering high-quality products and services
  • We seek out and act upon feedback from our stakeholders and are committed to a process of continuous improvement for all of our activities
  • We learn from our mistakes when things go wrong, and build on our successes
  • We are creative and innovative
  • We embrace how things can change for the better and think ahead, strategically


We will focus our energies to achieve the greatest impact

If we combine our energies and use each other’s talents and expertise to best advantage, we will be ideally placed to realise the organisation’s vision and priorities.

  • We will collaborate with colleagues, working efficiently and flexibly to cut out duplication and share knowledge
  • We are supportive and helpful to colleagues
  • We encourage people to share their ideas and engage them through effective communication and consultation
  • We are prepared to take responsibility for our decisions
  • We are open to change and being challenged when necessary to tackle stumbling blocks to progress
  • We are informal, within boundaries that maintain our professionalism


We aim to respect the individual and act with integrity at all times.

We will treat everyone we encounter in the course of our work with professional and personal respect, promoting fairness, and recognising the value of diversity.

  • We are accountable for ourselves and our behaviours, treating others as we wish to be treated
  • We do what we say we will do
  • We are worthy of trust


We have identified five key priorities for the period 2015 – 2019:

  • We aim to develop the event cover service to the point where it covers its costs, freeing commercial revenues and fundraising income to be used for other charitable purposes.
  • We shall re-establish St Andrew’s First Aid as a campaigning organisation; one that works in partnership and through its volunteers to highlight and teach the importance of First Aid knowledge to individuals, families, and the wider community.
  • St Andrew’s First Aid will be an excellent organisation and a first class place to work and volunteer.
  • We shall raise the profile and membership of the organisation outside its traditional areas of strength in the Central Belt, particularly in the more rural areas of the Highlands, Northern Scotland, the Borders and the South West.
  • We will increase our fundraising by 10% year on year for the lifetime of the strategy.